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Commercial Litigation

A&R represents numerous individual and business litigants, as plaintiffs and defendants, in a variety of civil matters including, but not limited to:

Contract disputes
Real Estate Disputes (Commercial and residential)
Entity disputes (Corporations, Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies)
Corporate governance and non-compete agreements
Employment and non-compete agreements
Equitable Relief (Temporary Restraining Orders and Injunctions, Permanent Injunctions)

Construction / Real Estate Litigation

A&R provides extensive, experienced representation. The firm has handled numerous matters and litigation related to:
Real Estate Disputes (Commercial and residential)
Contract and Lease negotiations
Buyer/Seller Disputes
Landlord/tenant disputes
Commercial and Residential evictions
Purchase or sale of commercial and residential real estate

Corporate / Business Law

Ackerman & Ramos has represented numerous individual and business litigants, both as plaintiffs and defendants, in a variety of civil matters.

Family Law

A&R provides experienced legal representation in the following areas:
Child custody
Child support
Complex property settlements
Asset tracing
Premarital and post-nuptial agreements
Child protective services (CPS) matters,
Child support

Criminal Law

Sexual Assault (rape)
Sexual Assault Of A Minor
Felony Injury To A Child
Aggravated Robbery
Aggravated Assault With A Deadly Weapon
Assault On An Elderly Person
Terroristic Threat
Simple Assault
Possession Of A Controlled Substance (Including “With Intent To Deliver”),
Possession of Marijuana
Criminal Fraud
Deceptive Trade
Felony Theft
Possession Of A Weapon
Unlawfully Carrying A Weapon
Criminal Mischief

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